“I know for a fact that this is no ordinary diary, it is designed to allow one to take action on his/her dream and track own performance. It also encourages you to manage and rate your own progress in measurable milestone, I got myself one last year and I am definitely getting another one for 2017” – “Nhlanhla Mafarafara from polokwane”


Stay on track Diary is not just another diary that is found on the shelves but a tool designed with principles of creation presented as a diary to simply equip people to achieve their goals. 


Who must use the diary?

  • CEO
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Speakers/Authors/Life coaches
  • High school and university students 
  • Employees and Employers
  • Anyone with a dream.

What do you stand to benefit from using this diary?

  • Develop new positive habits.
  • You are guaranteed to achieve your goals.
  • Track your life performance in real time.